ATEX ZONERING EBOOK – Introducing the concept of hazardous area dust zones 22, 21 & 20 and the importance of good housekeeping. U wilt weten welke atex zones er zijn? Wij bepalen deskundig of het atex zone 2 of atex zone 22 of een andere zone is. zone indeling. atex zonering tekening. Introducing the concept of hazardous area dust zones 22, 21 & 20 and the importance of good housekeeping under the ATEX workplace directive.

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zonreing For atex zonering, a mill or pneumatic conveying system. Which lead to the following: The technical dossier must be kept for a period of 10 years. In addition to the degree of ventilation, the efficiency of a ventilation system also depends on its availability; the presence of high ventilation HV may be thwarted by its scarce availability e.

ATEX zones for dusts

Soft brooms may be used provided care is taken to avoid the generation of dust clouds. Thus the explosion can occur only in the presence of an ignition source and when the concentration is within the explosive range of the substances, i. Other horizontal surfaces like girders, beams and ledges should be bevelled to prevent settlement. Industrial or Mining Application; 2. For drafting the zones we use the Dutch Practice Guideline and 2 respectively for gas and dust zoning.

Wij bepalen deskundig of het atex zone 2 of atex zone 22 of een andere zone is. Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Areas classified into zones 0, 1, 2 for gas-vapor-mist and 20, 21, 22 for dust must be protected from effective sources of ignition.


ATEX Zoning – LHS Consultants

In the settled state the dust is not explosive but any unusual shock may displace some of it and disperse it in the form of a dust cloud. Method of explosion protection. Retrieved from ” https: The ATEX directive is covering explosions from gases but also solid dust which, contrary to common perception, can lead to hazardous explosions [3].

The classification given to a particular zone, and its size and location, depends on the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere occurring and its persistence if it does.

Such storage should be in a separate warehouse from which all plant in which a primary explosion could occur is excluded. This article has multiple issues.

Views Read Edit View zonerinb. The first step is to ascertain whether the dust is explosible Group A or non-explosible Group B. ATEX zones for dusts Dust clouds in the explosive region above the minimum explosible concentration are categorised into 3 zones, based upon the grade of release as per EN These latter devices may be outside the potentially explosive environment. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The regulations apply to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, whether electrical or mechanicalincluding protective systems.

There are four ATEX classification to ensure that a specific piece of equipment or protective system is appropriate and can be safely zonefing in a particular application: MESG is the maximum gap that an internal ignition of an explosive mixture is atex zonering propagated to the exterior. Zone 0 and 20 are the zones with the highest risk of an explosive atmosphere being present.


It must be prevented from accumulating in workrooms by the regular and frequent cleaning of all parts of the room and plant on which it may zonerimg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Electrical engineering European Union directives Explosion protection Electrical safety Certification marks Natural gas safety Standards. Note that screw conveyors zinering the ability to transfer an explosion through the mechanism of disturbing atex zonering settled dust — hence zone 22, not non-hazardous.

This secondary explosion disperses more of the dust accumulated in the workroom and ignites these clouds until the whole building is swept by the explosions.

Industrial Cord Reels and Tool Taps. Coal gas Town gas.

Group1- Category M2 refers to mining locations and denotes that in the case of exposure to an explosive atmosphere the equipment must become de-energized. Fire and explosion prevention Afex relief Measurements, Analyses Personal protection Safety regulations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Group 1 covers devices intended for use in mines where methane and coal dusts, otherwise known as Firedamp, represents the greatest hazard and is considered to be constantly present, and as a result rarely contains additional group category subdivisions. This standard given by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines and classifies hazardous locations such as explosive atex zonering.