Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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For additional information about the consequences of being an Identifiable and the additional attributes please refer to [10]. With the attribute destinationType the type of the referenced entity has to be specified.

Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format. Also ConfigReference is inheriting from ParamConfMultiplicity so for each reference definition it can be specified how many such references might be present in the same configuration container later in the ECU Configuration Description.

It provides a low initial tooling and training investment. This holds for module definitions, container definitions and individual parameters.

How the ECU Configuration Description handles these definition types is described in the appropriate sections below. String FunctionNameValue Figure 3. Therefore the Container substitutes the choice container directly in the parameter description. It defines the parameter that will hold the actual value and may also define the defaultValue for the enumeration. To be able to define such a choice an object of the class ChoiceReferenceDef has to be aggregated in a container with the role name reference at the ChoiceReferenceDef object.


These two ModuleConfigurations are used when the base ModuleConfiguration as part of the base ECU configuration is created to fill parameters with initial values. The specifics of these module implementation are defined in the BSW Module Descriptions not shown in figure 1.

It would only be able to resolve the relatively simple dependencies explicitly defined in the Configuration Parameter Definitions. Link Type lowerMultiplicity String 1 aggregation upperMultiplicity String 1 aggregation Description The lower multiplicity of the specified element. ECU Configuration is thus likely to be an iterative process.

And only the Dem module is able to define actual numbers associated with these errors when all errors have been specified and collected in the Dem module. And sixth, a container can be referenced to achieve a symbolic name semantics. A valid EcuConfiguration needs to reference the Ra description provided as an ecuExtract [7] that specifies the environment in which the configured ECU operates.

Specification of ECU Configuration

This guarantees that it is possible to reference to instances of such classes. To illustrate the usage of a ChoiceReferenceDef in more detail, this example takes advantage of the fact that a PortPin may be used in several modes at once. Since the following chapters assume familiarity with the contents of these two work products, they are shortly introduced in the following sections.

Other approaches might be consistent with this specification, but have not been considered explicitly. In the example definition shown in figure 3. The method for generating these bit IDs is published in the aytosar and the effectiveness and uniqueness of the IDs is not in practice disputed.

Only a limited number of editors would be required, maybe only one, es the look and feel is less likely to vary greatly between generic tools. Dependencies between tools, as well as the configuration work flow, might need to be expressed explicitly. Each tool would probably have an individual look and configuartion and this could increase the training and experience required to become proficient.


Whereas when CRC32 is selected, there will be decrease in processing time but increase in memory usage. This is the way that the tool gets a definition of exactly which ECU Configuration Parameters are available and how they may be configured.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Thus, those rules can be found in chapter 4. The relationship between the two file types is shown in figure 3.

The tool strategy and tooling details for the ECU Configuration are out of scope of this specification. Infrastructure Instances of this class can be aytosar to by their identifier while adhering to namespace borders.

Additionally, it would be possible to add generic plug-ins that addressed a specific aspect of configuration across all BSW modules. This approach has the advantage that the different formats can be tailored to the problem at hand, and they can be extended and adapted easily. Pre-compile time configuration chain [ecuc sws ] This type of configuration is a standalone configuration done before compiling the source code. Example of an object diagram for a reference In the example in figure 3.