Blood Moons has ratings and 37 reviews. Kisha said: The first half of this book isn’t really about the blood moons or tetrads, but about the Hebraic. In the pastor of a congregation in Tacoma, Washington, by the name of Mark Biltz, began to teach that the Second Coming of the Messiah might occur in . 28 Jul What is the blood moon prophecy, when was the first total lunar eclipse In , Mark Biltz began predicting that the second coming of Jesus.

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It is not too late to learn, as the author hints that such signs given in the sky, authorized by God, signify that something mion and world shaking is about to happen. It is one of eight tetrads to take place during the 21st century AD. I was lost when he talked about the tetrads and those things.

Mar 03, Kendall Shoulders rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: And I am mooon.

Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs

As with all things presented today, especially sensationalized headline prophecy, review it, then see the God’s Word and exercise discernment. He based this prediction on the pattern of an astronomical phenomenon that he had discovered. He didn’t do that either. It is a very Good Read, indeed!

He explains the importance of these biblical celebrations and milestones and shows how you too can be aware of the signs of things to come. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is a book to read and recommend to others.


Blood moon prophecy – Wikipedia

This is a must read. Blitz reveals the importance of the Jewish Feasts and significance with Jesus’ birth and his return.

He said he had “discovered” an astronomical pattern that predicted the next tetrad would coincide with the end times.

Open Preview See a Problem? To name a few:. Also the books of Maccabees in the Apocrypha.

For an example of what is meant by a tetrad falling on Jewish feast days, consider the tetrad of Of the 87 tetrads that have occurred since the time of Christ, only 8 have fallen on Jewish feast days. Even rarer is a phenomenon that Mark Biltz discovered.

Given the state of state of affairs in today’s Middle East, that could be anything. I rate this book only 3 stars since I disagree with a few other things he says. These heavenly bodies would be used as signals of coming dramatic historical events when the Creator of the universe would intersect with human history. What are the feasts days? I had just never connected the dots as to how thes This book has given me an entirely new perspective on the times in which we live, the events mzrk have taken place in history and what we hlood to look forward to Sep 27, Kelly Novy rated it it was amazing.

Moore’s view was that no significance can be drawn from the eclipses. Hagee would later seize on Biltz’ prediction to write Four Blood Moonswhich would become a best seller, spending more than days in Amazon.

Jul 06, Diane Evans rated it really liked it. Kindle Editionpages. In order to coordinate the intricacies of the scientific alignment of the moon, earth, and sun, as foretold in Scripture and in the research of the author, we all would do well to have a background in the original language of biblical prophecy.


Mark starts by If you look at the Wikipedia page for “predicted apocalypse”, John Hagee is on there. I found the book interesting with more depth than the other book I read on this subject.

The Blood Moon Mania

Informative and a good read. A great blooe opener and reminder. This, of course, is sheer nonsense. It is not too late to learn, as the author hints that such signs given in the sky, authorized by God, signify that something dramatic a Mark Biltz must think we are all Greek scholars. That is a high rating. I think we should be very cautious about emphasizing things like the Jewish feast tetrads.

Teruah is nine quick blasts in short succession. The only detraction is how long it takes him to get to the subject. Biltz does not p Biltz is the glood who discovered the significance of the blood moon phenomenon in Each time it has happened, there was a major event that happened to the people of Israel, at the same time.

It must have magk other biblical significance, if any at all — as John Hagee argues in his book. People don’t know what they don’t know.