50 Results Buy BOBCAT S, BOBCAT S, BOBCAT S, BOBCAT S, BOBCAT S, BOBCAT S, The Bobcat S skid-steer loader and T compact tracked loader are packed with power and performance. They provide operators with industry-leading. View updated Bobcat S Skid Steer Loader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Skid Steer Loader models.

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Bobcat S Skid Steer Loaders for Sale | CEG

Foot Well Cleaning Access: As your suspension seat moves up and down, the joysticks move with the seat for added comfort while operating. Joystick mounts shift forward and backward, independent of the seat.

Because our AC units are integrated into the machine, there is s50 bulky add-on unit to obstruct your visibility. The new design features a unique cab-forward style that gives the operator a clear view of the attachment and provides visibility in all directions while working. Convenient Engine Speed Controls: The engine speed control has been moved out in front of the operator, on the right-hand corner post of the cab.

Heat and Air Conditioning: Extra Elbow Room, Easier Cleaning: The window stays exactly where s8850 want it to get consistent air flow.

Joystick mounts on our SJC-equipped machines slide forward and backward independent of the seat, adjusting to the individual comfort positions of different-sized operators. Windows are mounted on the outside of the Roll-Over Protection System ROPS — which provides extra elbow room in the cab, and makes window cleaning much faster. Your cab is your office. Check back regularly to see all the latest news and events.


The new loader with 69 kW engine, packed with power and performance and is the highest lifting skid-steer loader on the market with a 3.

With increased uptime, the S is designed to work long hours and more efficiently on tough bogcat and jobsites, allowing the operator to spend minimal time on routine maintenance. The radio features an auxiliary audio input jack that is ready for an mp3 player or other audio device.

Bobcat loaders with enclosed cabs have a best-in-class, pressurized interior space that helps keep dust to a minimum. Visibility has been significantly increased in all directions. A lowered door threshold gives you s80 visibility to your attachment and the surrounding work area — making it easier to see and do your work.

Defrosts the new, larger rear window with new rear air ducts.

Bobcat S850 Skid Steer Loader

New storage bins are located throughout the machine. A new, one-piece pressure seat engages the entire door on the front and sides, compressing the door seal into a specialized curved door pocket keeping dust and debris out of the cab. Puts important controls in front of you on the cab corner posts. Bobcat Australia announces the release of a new Bobcat S skid-steer loader.


Bobcat S850 Skid-Steer Loader

Automotive-style vents allow you to point your air where you need it for great comfort in all weather conditions. The S features the following: The new design moves the operator area closer to the attachment, and gives you a better vantage point for your work area.

Bobcat re-engineered the largest cab front opening in the industry and now made it bigger! Attachments are more comfortable to operate, controlled easily and adjusted simply from the fingertip controls. Allows easier removal of mud and debris that enters the cab through two additional cleanout holes in the foot well.

Bobcat S For Sale New & Used | Fastline

Order your loader with a stereo to increase you comfort. On machines with enclosed cabs, Bobcat provides a large swing open door to make it easier to enter and exit the cab. Provides flexible control through seat-mounted joysticks on models with optional Selectable Joystick Controls SJC ; as the suspension seat shifts up and down, the joysticks move with the seat.

With the array of geographical locations, brands, products and industries Clark Equipment bobfat in, there’s always something new. Simply pull the new window knob to slide the side window to five lockable positions. BobcatNewSkid SteerAnnouncements.