3 Aug Brother Polight, age 34, is an author of 90 plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. He is a public speaker & founder of. Michael Noak (brother Polight), culturally known as Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Nysut : Amun-Re spends his time teaching and writing books to spread not only his. Brother Polight. K likes. Brother Polight, age 33, is an author of 80+ plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. He is a public.

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brother polight

DNA extracted from the placenta is used for medical research to develop cures that black people can not afford. July 9, at 5: Sebi for curing his diabetes. At thirteen years old, Polight had a gold chain stolen by a Blood. Brother Polight is a blue meme thinker. Brother Polight, age 32, is an author of 90 plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. Since then he has cured people in his own family and many around the world have benefited from his books and lectures on Health, wellness, economics, and metaphysics.

TheBlackWomanIsMyGod My grandmother told me, ” You will know that you have real relationship with a woman when your love for each other makes others miserable” We have been together for 20 years plus. The current state of Isreal has very few black people.

The Talmud is a many-volumed work written in many places over many centuries. The spirituality from inception must be controlled by black people and free of white interference.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Brother Polight is also against vaccines. What Polight has right and what he has wrong Polight berates Muslims, Christians, and Isrealites for believing in things they cannot prove. Polight is correct to bookz out systemic racism in the Jewish community. Happy Solar Return to diddy For his birthday he helped contribute to our community by erecting several schools for our youth.


Brother POLIGHT Wrote 90+Books @brother_polight

Black people must avoid exploitation by the healthcare market. Many people accuse Brother Polight promising relief from foreclosures and bankruptcy and not coming through on the promises. His father died when he was eight years old. The idea that gay black men have an easier time than straight black men cannot be proven. If racism in a gene in white people and mixed people have white genes, there is a good chance they will be racist and should be viewed with suspicion.

Then he presents a UFO philosophy that is completely conjecture. I-Space solutions will always be incomplete for IT-Space problems. Hybrid plants have such as carrots have poisons that build up in your body due to them being unnatural. Brothe is also important to remember that Kemet is one of the oldest slave societies.

No effort has been brotner to remove racism from the religion and make amends for past damage done. Sebi is a well know Afro-Latin holistic health and medicine guru. Judaism Black people cannot claim to be part of Rabbinical Judaism.

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The relationship should always be mutually beneficial. The Kemetians did not believe in G-d. How many people come where we are from and this conversation is actually relevant? I point at you because you represent our covenant.

He did not meet his mother until he was seventeen polighg old one week before she died. There is some evidence that black gay men make more that black straight men. Polight does not have solutions for black financial empowerment. Sebi has been reported curing dozens of AIDS patients with herbal remedies.


He is the founder of Golden Ankh Pollght that donates educational books and materials bookd children from here to Africa. If that path is Judaism, a person should pursue it. Brother Polight, age 32, is an author of 90 plus books, a celebrity mentor and is fluent in 7 languages. Vaccines are filled with various toxins and the fetuses of dead babies. Black people needed something to fight against the white power structure.

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Polight is not an authority on financial matters. The success of the NOI is not due to Islam; the ingenuity and perseverance of the membership are the reason for success.

Drum music improves mood because the drum units the plant and animal kingdom due to the fact it is made with animal skin and tree brotyer. Polight is wrong for his mischaracterization of the Talmud. Ultimately, a person needs to find their spiritual path. What Polight has right and what he has wrong Polight is correct to point out systemic racism in the Jewish community.

The Kemetian Gods were archetypes or examples that people should emulate. The Arab slave trade lasted longer and was more brutal than the European slave trade. The second is gay men are more effeminate and docile making them easier to control.