In this problem novel that quickly takes a romantic turn, first-time author Skilton paints a vivid portrait of a girl whose shame leads to an identity. Sarah Skilton’s debut novel, Bruised, opens with a gut-punch of a first scene. Imogen, a year old Tae Kwon Do black belt has just witnessed. Bruised by Sarah Skilton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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She included a diverse cast of characters in an unobtrusive manner. She begins to make amends with the people she has hurt. A taekwondo black belt struggles to forgive herself after failing to act when she witnesses the police shoot and kill a would-be robber. At the same time Imogen is trying to deal saraah other personal problems, one involving her brother, Hunter, who is causing her to lose all her girlfriends by his sleeping with them and then dumping them and her father who has become wheelchair-bound due to diabetes.


That the younger you are, the quicker you can normalize an event and bruisev on, because you don’t know any other way of life. Silton keep thinking one pair of them might be brave and break away from the rest; maybe one of the Imogens, just one of the hundreds, will turn around and kiss one the Rickys.

Sarah Skilton has earned not only a fan, but a stalker for I assure you, I will be eagerly waiting to see when her next book is due. A gritty yet heartwarming contemporary, Bruised hit me in all the right places. Again, I wish this impacted me more than it did, but it still is definitely worth reading. She has never been overly close with her mother and she has a fractious relationship with her older brother Hunter who has been in her bruisrd books recently after he ruined her friendship with her best friend Shelly.


Is martial arts really a way of protecting yourself or is it only a method of fighting in a controlled environment, not real life? In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of briused content: I couldn’t have asked for a better-written debut from Sarah Skilton, and I am glad to say that this surprising story that touched my heart will surely touch yours as well.

I liked her a lot, although she wasn’t always skiltkn. She doesn’t like her father because he’s in a wheelchair. Finding a novel so potent it caused me to pull an all-nighter was worth it, though. Imogen is a first degree black belt, a six-year student of Tae Kwan Do, and the youngest recipient of a black belt in her school. Now, depressed and bogged down with resentment, all Imogen feels is the need to prove herself again. If his eyes are the clear aquamarine of a thirst-quenching mirage, mine are a dry, hazel-colored chalk and the boring sidewalk beneath it.

Personal tools Log in. As someone who has a father who struggles with overeating greatly affecting his health I could feel the frustrations that she felt when looking at him. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Imogen lived and breathed Tae Kwon Do and was confident in her abilities to protect herself and to diffuse difficult situations. As Imogen struggles with these thoughts, we find our hearts going out to her, slowly but steadily, until it becomes impossible not to fully love her – with every one of her blatant faults.

Imogen is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Bruised by Sarah Skilton New York: Sarah Skilton has woven a story that draws you in and doesn’t let go. She also doesn’t like Hunter because he slept with her best friend also fair.


Imogen comes to understand that the martial arts skills she developed made her arrogant and cocky and that sometimes, as at her school marital arts demo, skiltno did not have the “proper Brujsed Kwon Do spirit”. Here the story begins about her journey from a guilt ridden girl continuously struggling with depression, anger to how she moves on in her life after that. Another quality of this book that I fell in love with was Imogen, and the strong character development.

Bruised : Sarah Skilton :

Imogen feels responsible because she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Monday, August 12, Bruised by Sarah Skilton.

To Imogen, Tae Kwan Do is not a skill, it is a way of life. With the help of a boy that experienced the event with her, Imogen has to figure out what it truly means to be a black belt.

And how beautifully she pulls together the story of Imogen’s collapse and eventual understanding. I absolutely loved the character of Imogen; I found her to be one of th Sometimes a book comes along at just the right time and resonates in just the right way. The author who herself has a black belt in Tae Sskilton Do, knows her subject and therefore has brused able to craft a story that is both authentic and meaningful.

I pretty much gave you a wrap up of the story in the last two paragraphs. She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which came in handy when writing “Bruised. This is not the type of book I can catalogue as enjoyable for me.