Exam-Pack SNAA – Securing Networks with ASA Advanced contents: * Cisco Security: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from. If you don’t understand or are struggling, just go back and reread Chapter 4 of the CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 7th Edition—this. Study Guides for CCNP Security Exams. Can anyone point me to study guides for SENSS and SITCS? SNAA, SNAF and SNRS. I did not.

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Thank you for participating in the Cisco Digital Kits program! What should I do?

User Information – Cisco Learning Network Space

Enter and re-enter your new password. Can I copy part of the course document to the clipboard? Is there anything that I should do before logging in to Cisco Learning Network Space for the first time or before redeeming an access code? Cisco Learning Network Space — System Requirements After redeeming the access code, a student may also download their Student Kit materials and view them offline in any of our Cisco sgudent apps: How long will I be able to access them?

To download any Cisco eReader app: For students whose courses were ordered through DCT, supplementary guides explaining the registration process and basic usage can be found at this link:.

How much can I print? Thus, only limited printing capability up to 10 pages per book is available at this point. If the access code was provided by an email from Cisco Learning Network Space, then the email will have the following attributes: Digital versions of the course material are not designed for printing.


If you contact Cisco. For a complete list of supported browsers and system requirements, please refer to: If you wish to obtain a printed copy of the course materials, please contact your Learning Provider to find out if you can purchase a copy.

If you forget your Password and you no longer have access to your Primary Email Address, then you will lose access to all your student kits. Can I copy my page notes or highlight comments to the clipboard? To copy your highlight comments, go to the edit box for each comment and copy from there.

User Information

Your User ID will be forever tied to any student kits you redeem. Register for a Cisco.

Cisco Learning Network Space. Go to the edit box for each page note and copy from there. How do I reset the password? Click Customer Profile Manager.


Cisco Learning Network Space Support: If you forget your Ciscl, the only way to reset it involves using your Primary Email Address, so it is very important to keep your Primary Email Address up-to-date. Requests for printed course materials The Learning Provider who is providing your class. If your Learning Provider confirms that the email was sent to your correct email address, then please contact Cisco Learning Network Space Support see below.

For the quickest resolution, please contact the appropriate Support team in the support matrix below: If snqa is not in your Spam or Junk folder, then please contact your Learning Provider for more help.


Download CISCO Student Guides Collection – Cisco Training Guide

This will also allow us to reach you in case you have any inquiries or need help from our Support Team. Please check your Spam or Junk folder. Click the My Content tab in the top right. The Content Versioning feature allows Cisco Learning Network Space to provide entitled students updates to select courses without losing annotations. Welcome to Cisco Learning Network Space! To determine if your device is supported, go to: Click the Security tab.

To request assistance to help reset your password, send an email to: Check System Status sudent Once you redeem an access code for a student kit, the student kit is forever tied to your User ID.

Doing so will result in losing access to your redeemed student kits.

For more information, please see the following document: There are several ways to copy your page notes: Cisco eReader — for Android. The Learning Provider who is providing your class. Access Codes The Learning Provider who is providing your class.

Is there an expiration date for my student kits? I have different types of learning materials. Cisco eReader — for iPad. Who do I contact cjsco support?

Cisco Learning Network Space is a digital platform offering course materials in digital format only.

Cisco eReader — for Mac OS.