Taking the Cake! (Confectionately Yours #2). by .. I really enjoyed the book Taking the Cake, Confectionately Yours, by Lisa Papademetriou! I seem to like this. Confectionately Yours has 5 entries in the series. Confectionately Yours ( Series). Book 2. Lisa Papademetriou Author (). cover image of Sugar and Spice. Confectionately Yours. Taking the Cake! Author: Lisa Papademetriou. AGES 8 – 12 This mess really takes the cake! Get this book. Watch the Trailer! close.

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Jan confectionahely, Lily Barrett rated it it was amazing. Feb 22, AwesomePerson rated it it was amazing. We will only use your email address to reset your password should you forget it. I loved this book because she is not afraid of taking control and she includes everyone in it as well.

Confectionately Yours #2: Taking the Cake!

With her knack for baking, Hayley helps out too, but her new-found talent seems to have cost conrectionately her best friend, Artie. Feb 16, C. Feb 12, Sarah rated it really liked it Recommended to Sarah by: This quote explains that Hayley doesn’t think that a person would do something mean to her and it was just an accident. View all 23 comments. Jul 07, Olivia rated it it was amazing.

Taking the Cake!

Feb 07, Grace O. Hayley and her family live above a tea and cake shop, the result of her parent’s recent divorce. She likes to bake and contributes her delicious cupcakes to her grandmother’s confectionatwly, but with the cake recipes right in the book, I know this would be a big hit on the WAW list.


I’ll reset password later. Oct 31, Reagan Drye rated it really liked it. I loved this book so much and I I really liked this book. I can infer that hayley needed someone to be there but no one was so she felt lonely. You are book leaving Scholastic. Hayley, the main character, found out that her parents are getting divorced. How Old Are You?

Hayley is crushing on who may be Artie’s new boyfriend. She can cook up the most delicious cupcakes that people who try it devours it in a second.

You just make your choices and hope for the best. Now Hayley’s crushing on someone who might just be Artie’s new boyfriend. Devon, her crush, seems to be acting flirty, she found a good friend in classmate Meghan, and sometimes it seems like Marco one o Review to comeAt First Sight: Hayley has a lot to deal with, since her parents have divorced and she has a new best friend.

Dec 04, Taylor Welling rated it it was amazing. I really like Hayley’s character and how she handles her problems. Something New Lisa Papademetriou. And her other friend Marco is struggling in maths and she was letting him borrow her homework, but then he copied her on a test and she took the blame for it.


I really enjoy these. This book is about a girl with a hard life with problems that need to be solved.

Taking the Cake! (Confectionately Yours #2)

Choose Your Avatar Now pick your costume! The drama in Hayley’s life continues to unfold in the second book in the Confectionately Yours series. And do you know when to hang in there?

The series if fun, light-hearted, but takes the serious moments seriously. This series really appeals to my sweet tooth and I’ll be coming back for more!

In real life, it is generally recommended that be called immediately, and the patient be taken to an ER. Is part of the confectionately yours series.

Taking the Cake! by Lisa Papademetriou

I liked this book because it has a lot of mysteries and confusion. Confecrionately has to see her mom on weekdays and her dad on weekends.

In Taking the Cake, she grows up a little more, does things that she isn’t sure of – with mixed results – and bakes a lot of cupcakes. Books by Lisa Papademetriou. Please be sure to memorize it or write it in a safe place. Confectionately Yours Taking the Cake! Yourd will go to the website in seconds.