Her first novel, Prep, which took her three years to write, was published in and concerns a girl, Lee Fiora, from South Bend, Indiana. Prep A Novel Written by Curtis Sittenfeld Prep Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Coming Of Age; Fiction – Sagas Imprint: Random House Trade Paperbacks. PREP By Curtis Sittenfeld. pp. Random House. $ Seemingly bathed in a golden light of good fortune, the wealthy keep pieds-à- terre.

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This reread number three felt new because this time I am in love, and that influence of being-in-love totally enhanced my reading — surprisingly it pulled me closer to Lee and reminded me, over and over, what Chrtis learned from her, this time and all other times.

Each chapter siittenfeld yet another vivid illustration of the message but subtly so, and by the end, the picture is complete. I loathed this book, really really hated it. Want to Read saving…. Lee does nothing, cares about nothing, and gives us no incentive to follow her worthless life for or whatever pages.

But a few moments from her time at St. Again, I was shocked by the reviews after hopping on Goodreads. The main character isn’t my favorite person, but the reader is still compelled to understand her.

Curtis Sittenfeld – Wikipedia

Will Lee pull up her math grade enough to graduate? Assumedly, the book was supposed to be a coming-of-age novel wherein the fish-out-of-water protagonist Lee Fiora, learns to exceed the repressive bounds of prep school and get over her personal issues. The detail is both exquisite and annoyingly sharp and pulls you into each scene as though it’s sittenfe,d in the now rather than some 20 years ago.


Please help by adding reliable sources. Sisterland was published on June 25, It’s not Catcher in the Rye for girls though perhaps if I’d read it at age 14, I’d be singing a different tune.

Observer review: Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld | Books | The Guardian

I recently read this for an encyclopedia entry I was writing on post coming-of-age novels, so my assessment, I fear, isn’t really fair. Sometimes it’s a short drive into the city for dinner, consisting of laughs and entertaining conversations, leaving me full and content by the time I reach home again.

Typically, the girl starts out struggling, tries to fit in with the popular crowd, misses her hometown, faces many moral problems, and meets a handsome, promising young Reviewed by Amanda Dissinger for TeensReadToo. And the thing is, Sittenfeld can write. View all 5 comments.

The only current thread is the protagonist’s exasperating one-sided 4 year crush on the most popular guy in school. I mean I, too, was a bit self centered and had anxiety when I was in high school but goodness, Lee takes the cake. It’s whole because it may not feel like your life, but it feels like someone’s, and that someone is intermittently hilarious and almost always incisive. Aren’t some of us still?

Lee teaches the wealthy but paranoid Conchita to ride a bike and finally gets to give cool girl Aspeth a haircut before realising that it is a bit demeaning to be the school hairdresser. I liked being poked; Prep pokes me, and the tears always feel better for having been shed. Imagine if the floral pattern on your bedspread determines whether you are popular or not.

When you are stuck in the head of someone boring, annoying or frustrating or all three and you just can’t squirm out of it because it won’t switch to another more interesting narrator who is doing things besides being passive and just letting her life happen without trying to steer it. So I read it again from the beginning for some odd reason. Instead of the two outcasts banding together Conchita is switched out for Martha, a boring girl whose notable trait is not getting upset.


curtos When Lee was endearing, the book was a must read. She has no interests, no hobbies, no ideals, no goals. Retrieved from ” https: As she says, I always worried someone would notice me, and then when no one did, I felt lonely. Don’t buy into it; there’s nothing extraordinary about this book. Sittenfeld’s strength is in making this experience feel universal. Jan 26, Sondra rated it really liked it Shelves: Of course, I believe the prep school is based heavily on the school Sittenfeld attended herself, but its descriptions are full of little quirks and in-jokes that ring very true to what high school dynamics are like.

Sittenfeld has an ear for believable dialogue.

Curtis Sittenfeld

Aug 02, Christine rated it it was ok. Jan 04, Lesley rated it liked it Recommends it for: She never gets any further than this. It is about how curtiz learns to fit in somewhere she doesn’t belong, only to suffer social death the moment she finally feels accepted.