Book Description Devdas (দেবদাস) is a Bengali Romance novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. It is the story of Devdas and Paro, childhood sweethearts who. Devdas [Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Devdas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Devdas () is a Bengali-language romance novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay written when he was only seventeen years of age. The novel has been.

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Chandramukhi’s expression changed now. May 29, Book Ninja rated it really liked it.

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In the way that he also describes their love for Devdas, a very weak character, seems to reflect well upon the heart of women. Chxndra you thinking of working as a maid for a decent family?

Chandramukhi showed no signs of worry. It is the story of Devdas and Paro, childhood sweethearts who are torn chandr when Devdas is sent away to Calcutta by his father, the local zamindar.

Devdas – Words Without Borders

Like that of Shiva as the prelude aptly discussesDevdas’ nature is to remain a witness to the destruction Chattopadhayy loved how real the author made Devdas; he is flawed, raw, and child-like. If you have not watched the movie s yet, do yourself a favor and read the book first. He is unable to understand and allow himself to feel love for what he has been taught is beneath him, and so is not able to fully love in the way that love demands.


I’m talking about the remake and not the original Bengali movie. After I’ve sold these bangles. I completely disliked the new movie with Shah Rukh Khan.

Stunned, Paro agrees to marry chatto;adhyay elderly widower. Devdas was of the same opinion. Kind of tough to explain really. This is not a story about ego vs love, one woman losing the latter for the former and the other the reverse. It’s a story that reads like a lot of the parables of Jesus that I was taught as a child.

No wonder his mother was overcome by regret sometimes at not having allowed the marriage between her son and Parvati when they had wanted it. Or in the present context, you could head for the next show of Parineeta. He went away after a quarrel two months ago, never came back.

This poverty abounds in my writings. She had for some time now resolved to spend the rest of her days with other widows in Kashi, but she could not go till she had arranged for Devdas to be married.

DaasDev is the 17th time Sarat Chandra’s epic novel Devdas comes onscreen

Devdas is a man we can love as much as we hcattopadhyay admit that he is flawed, perhaps because his flaw is all too understandable. Quietly and firmly, she replied, I have a reason for asking. A decent young man and a caring, but self respecting, young woman – and a feudal society where he has no means of supporting her if his family would not have it and so lacks xhattopadhyay to elope with the woman he loves, so he does the decent thing and instead tells her he never saw her as a lover, a mistake he repents forever while throwing away his life.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I This is a depressing book.

I was a little curious as to how the characters really are and whether the interpretations on TV or movies is actually real.

He says no, moves to Calcutta.

Devdas – Wikipedia

What then is the lure of Devdas, arguably a spineless character, loved by two powerful women? In the hands of Chattopadhyay the grandiosity of the love-triangle becomes an achingly beautiful piece of minimalist fiction. I am upgrading my rating from 3 stars to 5.

How to write a great review. Sep 29, Roewoof rated it really liked it. Parvati decdas Chandramukhi come across as much stronger in the book as well. Get married, Devdas, I want to see you married before I go.

Making up his mind, decides he tells his father he wants to marry Parvati. But what will you live on?