DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, EBERRON, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual. The Eberron Player’s Guide is a 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules supplement published in June The book provides options specific to the Eberron. The Eberron Player’s Guide presents everything a Dungeons & Dragons player needs to create a character in the 4th edition Eberron campaign setting.

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Girl, Wash Your Face: The only thing I would have liked to see in here but did not was a the many different classes getting the same paragraph work up that the races got.

It has a good variety of abilities and semms well done. Thursday, 22nd December, Player’s Guide to Eberron is a supplement to the 3. They have some for the different groups in the setting but it would have been nice to playes more. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Playerrs Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Eberron Player’s Guide – RPG Roleplaying » Dungeons & Dragons » D&D 4E – The Days of Knights

Best Selling in Other Books See all. The best chapter I think is the one on races. Views Read Edit View history.


We can’t grow without new subscribers. Tuesday, 3rd October, For 5th Edition conversion and rules talk. It has a lot of things brought over from the previous rule set that needed to be here.


The new class is an Artificer and it is an arcane leader. So, i want to keep my players as much as i can spoiler free to my Eberron Campaign setting. It has a good description of all the different places and background mechanics for it all and the dragon marked houses and other ugide backgrounds that can work in the setting.

But i guess lore wise and just pure info, the 4e players guide would also do. It’s a great jumping off point, and then you can fill in from there.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Reset Fields Log in. It hits on the important pieces without the need to bore the players who only need to understand the bits and not read the nuances.

It does describe how everyday life is though it is rather general and the number playes varieties of places even just on the main continent differ so much that each could really use its own version and the beginning of the book I think could eherron made that clearer. Dungeon of the Mad Mage.


GeekDad’s D&D Eberron Player’s Guide Exclusive Spoiler

It was the winner of the huge setting search Wizards of the Coast did. And then the book ends with a better guide to the sberron then just the beginning over view. Wednesday, 18th October, Discord Chat Join in more real-time discussion here.

It is the only Eberron product that I have read through that refrained from revealing any of the major setting spoilers we all know the things I’m talking about. For story and setting information that’s not edition specific.

Eberron Player’s Guide (book)

This is a character destined to cleanse the Mourning lands and possible allow Cyre to rebuild. It came out in the era of third edition and many high quality books were produced for it. I’ll take a look in it.

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