We are specialists in exam preparation for Scholarships to Private Schools, edutest scholarship practice test, Select Entry Accelerated Learning etc. Edutest. Format for year 6 and 7 exams. The Edutest format generally includes Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Writing, and Numerical and Verbal. Practice with Sample Tests & Be Better Prepared for Your Exam! ACER and Edutest are the 2 leading testing bodies for scholarship and selective school.

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We still recommend that you work through the exams again and try to beat your time by 10 minutes to improve your accuracy and speed in order to increase the likelihood of being offered a edhtest or place in a selective school.

There are a range of these questions and to do well you need practice and a strategy. You usually have from three to six weeks to make applications. To do a test again: Practice with Questions Similar to the Real Test! This is false and misleading in exam preparation. Each test is 30 minutes in length and the students do not get any additional reading time. It is not possible to include the written expression component in an online practice test.

Can they do a practice test from a higher year level? Hi Tasvir, Thanks for getting in touch!

How to Get a Private High School Scholarship

ACER and Edutest are the 2 leading testing bodies for scholarship and selective school exams in Australia. Try our free exam papers below. Abstract reasoning does not equal general ability, instead, it is a part of general ability.

Dates of scholarship exams It is important to watch carefully for the dates of scholarship exams for any school in which you are interested. Additional practice tests will be available for purchase at any time.

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Please use this as your first point of reference. Your advice is edhtest appreciated. Please refer the Refund Policy on the website: Essential for providing students with exam experience, confidence, practice in time management, familiarity with the types of questions that will be asked, and for pinpointing areas of improvement. Edutest example test results based on past students sitting scholarship. About students are accepted edutesf year 9.

Register or login to purchase and undertake practice tests. All EduTest practice tests are conducted online and are interactive.

EduTest – Educational Assessment Services for both schools and parents

Perfect for Year 7 tests and includes detailed written solutions. There are 3 different practice tests per year level offered. Furthermore, some scholarship applications consider Edutsst and school reports so doing well academically in school will improve your chances.

It is essential that you register testx child and pay the admittance fee before the application closing dates. For example, abstract reasoning is how to critically think through questions that are non-verbal. Duration is 30 minutes. We hope you find the following information useful. Each test has 20 practice questions.

Online Practice Tests

Thanks for getting in touch! Once you have created an account and bought a test, then you have the ability to add more children to your account. Nossal High will take about students in its second year of enrolment in Entrance requires the completion of an examination that has had basically the same format for a number of years.

This is not a problem. Students sitting Scholarship exams Year 6 may wish to attempt the sample tests available below: We must emphasise that it is the responsibility of the parents to contact the school of their choice and to lodge the relevant entry forms.


Traditionally Melbourne High and Mac. How many times have spectators seen a swimmer at the Olympics with so much natural ability fail to make the cut?

Format for year 6 and 7 exams. To register please contact the school you are applying to and they will inform you of what you need to do. Mathematics — 60 questions in 30 minutes Numerical Reasoning — 40 questions in 30 minutes Scientific Reasoning — 40 questions in 30 minutes Science Expression essay minutes Science Writing essay — 25 minutes Depending on the age of the student and the type of exam they sit for they will be tested in different areas.

Consider two types of swimmers in a race — the one with natural ability and the average swimmer. It is important to watch carefully for the dates of scholarship exams for any school in which you are interested. The ACER questions require a lot of critical reasoning while Edutest exams are a bit more straightforward. Name removed for privacy reasons]. This includes questions. Click here to find out more about our selective preparation program. You are in a very strong position to reach your goals.

If your query is not answered below, then please contact registrar edutest.

No further details about the test are provided by Edutest or the school other than stating that the test format will be changed regularly and it will assess academic potential, literacy, scientific aptitude, mathematics and numeracy. Includes detailed worded solutions.