File Form if you’re an importer of radio frequency devices, to declare to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that your devices meet. 17 Jul The FCC is also eliminating the requirement to file with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the FCC Form – the FCC’s unique. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the importation of goods that emit radio frequencies capable of causing interference with other.

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FCC Ends the Requirement for Form

Skip to content Skip to service links: The new combined process is called the Suppliers Declaration of Conformity and will allow device manufacturers to bring products to market in a more efficient manner while continuing to ensure compliance with the equipment authorization program. Federal Communications Commission FCC that your devices meet regulation guidelines or that they will be brought into compliance.

So given FCC decreasing interest in spectrum enforcement, the new Order should be no surprise, but maybe the major spectrum licensees as well as legitimate manufacturers of radio equipment should challenge it forcefully? Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. And what little interest they have seems to be ex post facto enforcement of public safety interference, with maybe a little time for broadcast pirates.

Register now for your free, tailored, daily cfc newsfeed service. If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology. But if I was responsible for such licenses and accountable to shareholders For, would be very nervous about the sudden demise of the Form along with FCC’s ever shrinking interest in all spectrum enforcement.

Then, select your Zip file under 3MBs and click Open. Form must be completed for each radio frequency device imported, regardless of its value as defined in 47 U.

FCC Form – Livingston International

Visitors to MSS Website. See our Cookie Policy for more details. Download your copy of Form Form must be completed for each radio frequency device imported, regardless of its value as defined in 47 U. Below is a key section of the form: Shipment Details Please complete the following fields pertaining to the shipment and commodity.


As such, any item found subject to their regulation must be accompanied by an FCC Form which declares the disposition of the item and certifies compliance with the FCC rules. Attachments are removed when the form generates an error message. But as we have written recently there are serious questions whether FCC cares about any type of spectrum enforcement. Parties are invited to identify any benefits we could derive by continuing to collect the Form information, in its current form or a modified form, and specifically to comment on whether and how any of the underlying objectives of our equipment authorization program would go unmet if we eliminate our existing means of collecting this data.

fprm Acrobat Reader file, Size: USA November 7 The FCC is also combining two separate self-approval procedures into one, which will help reduce confusion as to which process applies to any given product.

FCC Form Type: International Trade Compliance Blog.

FCC Plans to Eliminate Form 740 for RF Devices

Anything that is electronic, battery-operated, or capable of sending, receiving, or interfering with radio signals can be considered a radio frequency device.

Part of present Form Note that the importer or consignee has to certify subject to criminal penalties that the items have been issued a grant of equipment authorization. Spectrum seems to be EB’s lowest priority.

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Our website uses cookies and other technologies to enhance functionality, personalize your experiences, better engage with you, and to analyze our website. The rule consolidates, simplifies, and streamlines certain procedures, and removes the requirement to file the import declaration FCC Form under certain circumstances.

Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC

The final rule is effective November 2, We seek comment on this conclusion and the observations on which it is based. Examples include radio and TV receivers, computers, converters, transmitters, microwave ovens, industrial heaters and ultrasonic transceivers. The continuation of the burden of filing Form no longer appears justified and we propose to eliminate the requirement. List each commodity separately with accurate descriptions Check for consistency across all documents Make sure documents are clearly written or typed Provide as much detailed information as possible including Country of Origin and applicable Harmonized Tariff Schedule HTS codes Confirm that all associated costs are correct and the currency code is noted on the invoice Sign your full name as shown on the other shipping documents Zip all required documentation into a file 3MB or less and ready for upload prior to starting the next step.


If you continue to browse Lexology, we will assume that you are happy to receive all our cookies. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: These changes allow the FCC to better and more quickly respond to changes in technology and international standards, and will aid the development of and speed the approval for new RF devices.

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International Trade Compliance Update. Ninth Circuit holds that the Federal Arbitration Act does not grant arbitrators the power to compel the production of documents from third parties outside of a hearing.

Download Now Download Now. Documentation Upload the completed document.

Blog posts prior to December remain at old site. Federal Communications Fcc website. S Customs Service on or before the date the shipment is delivered to a U. For further information please read our Cookie Policy. In view of the recent VW kerfuffle perhaps FCC should up the ante and require a statement both firm there is a grant and that the equipment has hardware and software that is consistent, within normal commercial practices, with what was approved by FCC – which is most cases was actually a TCB operating on behalf of FCC.