Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only). Item Code: NAD Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher: Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Gita Govindam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link. Gita Govindam 1 Sanskrit UTF. Chapter [Sarga] 1UTF enabled text. All pervasive Exuberant Krishna. सामोद दामोदरम ्. Poet Jayadeva wishing to portray.

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Hail thee… though yond and yonder, thou art functional from within the solar system, where that heet is just xanskrit gem of solar system, while thou art an embellisher of that system in its entirety; as a swan swims in maanasa sarovar, a blissful lake in Himalayas, thou swimmest in the minds of saintly people; thus whittle, whittle the karmic cycles of thy saintly devotees; thus to thee, the felicitous asnskrit remover called Krishna, hail to thee… [a pa 2 2].

The jewel of the day etc. Because he is so tightly embraced by the personified fortune, he never becomes a pauper and he ever endows shelter under that absolute fortune to his devotees, called aashraya Niiyatvam.

My compliments for your prompt delivery. Then the raasa began on the beach of Yamuna, and when the gopika -s were besides themselves with ecstasy, Krishna suddenly disappeared from the scene. Krishnaism Vaishnavism Krishna Janmashtami Holi. I will be ordering from you again. You took the form of a man-lion with huge sharp nails in your lotus-hands zanskrit which you tore down the demon Hiranyakashipu like a honey-bee in a lotus flower.

Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only)

The gods do not come into physical contact with earth and earthlings. Spring is the only season for pastoral poetry and hence it govundam extolled thus far. When this work was attempted in not a single ref. Will again purchase books from you.

This is an exhaustive and unique commentary, not commentary exactly but a dance treatise, useful for any form of dancing schools, since every word of Jayadeva is interpreted to have dance gestures, abhinaya, mudra-s, bhangima -s.

It was a practice to say one or two verses in praise of good poets and in scorn at bad poets su kavi prashamsa, ku kavi ninda.


The word Keshava is a formation of ka iisha va where kaH is Brahma; iisha is Shiva; va born from Vishnu; ka iti gogindam nAma eSo aham sarva dehinaam avaam ta ange sambhuutau tasmaat keshavo naamavaan nirukta bhaaSyam. Krishna is otherwise busy anyaasakta so she had to lug him along by catching his silk upper cloth.

Gita Govindam 1 Sanskrit UTF

Their cadences based on alliterations, rhymes, and assonances of words that trip on the tongue delight the lover of poetry, the rasika, as nowhere else. Parsing In another way: It is evening, clouds are gathering in the sky, the forest is dark with tamala trees and Krishna is afraid of the darkness of night. The dancing, singing, frolicking and merrymaking of Krishna with this type of unique milkmaids is rasa govvindam, rasa kriDa. An Illustrated Palm Leaf Manuscript. The word ambaram sky suggests ‘openness, sky is the limit for enjoyment; elate yourselves to sky The words arranged in word-to-word meanings are in accordance with anvaya krama, placement of words of Sanskrit to give a prosaic meaning.

Rama decorates and paints foliate designs on the body of Seetha, with an erasable tattooing. This poem can be a remembrancer of Krishna’s feet, for it has all the ingredients to obtain a sapful bliss from them; this is even a best and congenial poem to meditate upon those feet as this has a sapid depictation about the gregariously reclusive Brindavan and its springtime woodlands; even imbibed are the passional immoderations of springtime love fevers; such sanskrlt poem is now coming up, as geett by Jayadeva, on the govidam of Shri Krishna All dancing, singing and frolicking of a devotee for a perfect communion with her devoted being, as sajskrit by:.

Though all the stanzas are a single verse, they will be divided into separate units for the sansorit of easy reading and for easy incorporation of comment section. Composed by the Orissa poet Jayadeva of the 12th century A. Thus, when sessile beings are thrilling and tickling in spring, how about other living beings. As a reviver of Veda s as a fish, bearer of this earth as tortoise, uplifter and supporter of earth as wild boar, slasher of Hiranyakashyapa as lion man, deluder of Bali as dwarf boy, annihilator of Kshatriya s as Parashu Rama, conqueror of Ravana, the legatee of Paulastya, as Rama, wielder of plough as bala raama, fosterer heet non violence as Buddha, mangler of fractious races as Kalki, you alone can put on ten semblances, thus oh, Krishna, my reverences are unto you Shri Jaidev Hardcover Edition: You will take the form of Kalkilike a comet, and take up a sharp sword to kill the hordes of mlechchas who repudiate the Vedas.


The tamala trees are clothed in newly sprouted tender leaves emitting the sweet smell of musk.

In them, sound based delicacy occurs when too much of combining vowels and consonants is not adopted as in nistriaguNya, tymbaka and the like, which usage is called as cakra bandha padma bandha way of compounding. This dancing in a circle, a ronde dance as we call it, in itself is a particular dance, by the singing of many milkmaids to the fluting of one Krishna.

Now, there are numerous. His Sapphirine body bedaubed with sandal paste, clad in ochry silks, garlanded with a garland of basil leaves and flowers, cheeks embellished with flapping gem studded knobby ear hangings while he is romping Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Tirupati. With this the poet concludes this lyric. Thus this poetry, though expressed in mundane parlance, attains a supramundane eros [aspiration toward value] a divine lusting.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gita Govinda. Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh. As usual with any other poet, Jayadeva was also said to be a twiddler of his thumbs, and seeing this maternal uncle daunts him for not taking up any job or profession like any other sanskfit.

Because Jayadeva’s way of writing is so well-knit, it does not mean that others should not translate in regional languages or foreign ones, so ij the above professor. And naktam ‘night time’ is the proper time for such activity, since it is forbidden from dawn to dusk.