Hyam Maccoby [The Mythmaker] was mostly right: 1. Paul was not a Pharisee. 2. Christians prior to Paul were not antinomian, anti-Jewish, or anti-God. 3. 30 Jul In his book Revolution In Judea: Jesus And The Jewish Resistance (), Hyam Maccoby, who has died aged 80, responded to Christian. Few scholars take the works of Hyam Maccoby seriously. You will not often see him quoted as an authority, and his books (like the one evaluated here, The.

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He acknowledges that those who obey the Commandments serve the “ruler of this world. His play, The Disputationcommissioned by Channel 4 and expanded for the London stage, showed James, King Of Aragon, insisting that the learned rabbi, Nachmanides, have his say.

Hjam think Macoby’s book is an excellent insight into how Jews in Paul’s own time period might have responded to his poaching of God-fearers from their synogogues with what they saw as half-baked, pseudo-Jewish arguments.

First let us observe Paul is jyam an opinion in “locked up under: Unfortunately, all true apostolic texts have been “gone over” and edited by latter-day followers of Paul; so direct evidence is not likely to be found. From andhe served in the Royal Signals, based at the decoding centre at Bletchley Park. Jun 30, David Buhler rated it liked it Shelves: No wonder this book made someone cry.

He says the believer has “been buried with him in the likeness of his death” so he might be “resurrected with him in the likeness of his resurrection. In fact, trying to do so misses the point, which is that someone during the process of transmission of the story of Jesus wanted us ham think it had.

What we have here is what the Greeks call a syllogism, a sequence of facts tending towards a conclusion. I found this book by Hyam Maccoby very interesting. Doesn’t everybody know that Christianity as we know it was primarily founded on his teachings and writings?

Nor is there any reason to contest the predominance of Paul and Pauline thinking in the current Christian canons. Therefore we can also say Serving “element” is what you do when you observe the law. Though this is certainly no great challenge to the rabbi’s knowledge, Paul goes on to state the principle once more, to make sure we get it right.

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I found this text to be most illuminating and mqccoby helped me to revise my opinions of Paul slightly – from a raving misogynistic fanatic to a very sad man who likely couldn’t find anyone to love him and who wanted hysm raise himself to a level that fit his own inflated hham of self. Jesus was not a military figure, but, like Theudas, and some other contemporary messiah-figures, relied on the hope macdoby divine intervention, which he thought would take place on the Mount of Olives.

But it is not so difficult to invent as say Christianity: Featured Resource Defining Inerrancy. Retrieved from ” https: Repentance was a private matter between the sinner and God, and none of Jesus’ business. Nor is th This book was given me as a gift by Chris Meyers yham he was still working on his philosophy dissertation at Loyola University Chicago.

What was wrong with that? Even a cursory glance at the Gospels suggests that Jesus and some Pharisees not all, of course had disagreements. This much of The Mythmaker I had to agree with after examining the evidence, even though I was extremely reluctant to part with the idea he had been a Pharisee. Mar 11, Mike Wigal rated it it was amazing. Much of the play is drawn from Nachmanides’s account of the disputation, and much is inferred from the king’s affection for the rabbi and considerable generosity to him following Christiani’s formal victory.

His numerous television appearances included one on Howard Jacobson’s audacious documentary, Haym, Judas Now, what does it mean to be “in the likeness” of Christ?

Would this be satisfactory? As a person who grew up Catholic, I have always asked the question, “If Jesus came back today and saw what the religion created in his name evolved into, would he say, yeah, that is what I meant”.

So Paul is being deliberately ambiguous here: Paul was a Jew in his youth, and served the “elements of the world;” and the Galatians observe the law and serve “elements.

Blasphemous as hell certainly, but not untrue. The real founder of Christianity as a separate religion was Paul. Maccoby claimed that Paul was a Hellenized Jewish convert or perhaps even a Gentilecoming from a background exposed to the influence of Gnosticism and the pagan mystery religions such as the Attis cult, a myth involving a life-death-rebirth deity. Maccoby was librarian of Leo Baeck College in London.

Browse Articles By Passage: He writes in narrative style and provides plenty of research to back up his claim.


Hyam Maccoby Mostly Right About Apostle Paul

Or is this common knowledge for those of us who actually bothered to study Religion at the university? While I do not agree with all of Hyam’s assumptions or conclusions, his analysis of the text is worth considering.

His work will probably strengthen the belief that Jesus was to some extent an anti-Roman political revolutionary, Paul a Hellenistic interloper. He was something else entirely. I was impressed with Maccoby’s attempts to manipulate the reader’s perceptions, but disappointed in his scholarship.

View all 15 comments. Maccoby’s most important point for our purposes, however, nyam his attempt to prove that Paul was no Jewish intellectual as has been argued by the likes of Davies and Klausner.

Overall, this book seems to lack scholarly attributes, though raises important questions I would like to see handle Maccoby makes some great points but fails to follow them up with good footnotes which makes his points dubious.

Paul, he tells us, created this religion in which Jews were “enemies of God. Jesus did not see himself as God incarnate and did not see himself as coming to die for the sins of the world by serving as an atoning sacrifice. Paul is an interesting character because everything that contradicts between the Old and New Testament is connected to Paul like telling women not to talk and throwing away the Kosher laws.


Hyman Maccoby, a critique

Maccoby points out that Paul never knew Jesus personally and developed his religious views not from any teachings of Jesus that he received from the leaders of Jesus’s Msccoby followers Jesus’s brother James and the disciples Peter and Johnbut rather Paul had visionary experiences of Jesus, from which he derived his views. Paul preached “salvation by faith,” that is, by belief; yet, he did not believe in the Christian gospel himself. Dunn describes Maccoby’s revival of Graetz’ accusations that Paul was a Gentile as “a regrettable reversion to older polemics”.

Even if you don’t believe what he says, I think it’s an important book because it gives you something very big to think about.