All novels of Inayatullah Altamash. 71 likes. Book. 1 Sep Books by Inayatullah., Damishq ke qaid khane mein, Shamshir-e-Be-Niyam, Wajida vina aur watan, Parcham urta raha, Do pulon ki kahani, Aik. This Book is Also Available to Download through torrent. We are not hosting torrents, we are giving alternative download links through torrentfor ts .

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Is this ahmed-yaar-khan also Inayatullah? Comments above list… 1. He served Urdu with more than one hundred books.

Enayetullah Altamash Bangla Pdf Book

He increased the publishing of the digest. He took the pen as a weapon and became a war correspondent. He wrote some popular historical novels. This region is known as the martial area because of military recruitment since British rule. Inayatullah considered the Sultan Saladin Ayubi as his hero. When he knew about this, he came back to his homeland. It is the cause that a distinguished writer is unable to remember the lines of columns, editorial or in seminars and other literary events.


Inayat Ullah wrote more than one hundred books and hundreds of editorials. He left the British army and met with the freedom fighters. He also wrote on the topic of hunting stories, investigation, psychology, biographies, politics and social evils. His patronage trained many authors like Tariq Ismail Sagar and played a significant role in the promotion of Urdu novels.

In meanwhile, the British declared the Indian independence and partition of India. Raat ka Rahi 2. He knew the rebellions are the freedom fighters. At this time, he took a brave and fearless decision. Hamzad ka Ishq Are you these books writer is Inayatullah?

He met the soldiers and to listen to the stories about the bravery of martyred. Regarding stories and event of war, Inayatullah also wrote some books. For more information you can read the whole post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Inayyatullah email address will not be published.

Now the time started for Inayatullah. A great person who had the spirit of Islamic history I have read all books of him.


Inayat Inayatuklah disliked the most of the famous journalist and columnist of Urdu due to their preferences.

Hijaz Ki Aandhi By Inayatullah Altamash | Faakhir Islamic & Education Books

As a writer and journalist, Inayatullah established his identity. After escaped from there, he wandered for two years in the forests of Burma.

May Allah bless him.

Inayat Ullah was in an infantry unit of the British army and fought at Burma front against Japan. On his arrival in Malaysia, Inayatullah saw the freedom movement of Malaysia nearly.

InInayatullah was taken prisoner by Japan, but he fled from the prison. Notify me of new posts by email. He also wanted the freedom of India from the British rulers.

In his career as a journalist, Inayat Ullah appointed as an editor of monthly Sayyara digest. For more details pls see the link below.