JIS G Hot-rolled high strength steel plate, sheet and strip with improved formability for automobile structural uses (FOREIGN. JIS G Hot-rolled high strength steel plates, sheet and strip with improved formability for automobile uses. Find the most up-to-date version of JIS G at Engineering

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JIS G3134 SPFH 490 SPFH 540 SPFH 590 Hot Rolled High Strength Steel Sheet for Automobile

Excellent adhesion of porcelain coating 3. Are you an Engineering professional? This type of steel with enhanced corrosion and atmosphere corrosion resistant properties through the addition of such special element as Cu, P and Cr is used in the manufacturing of containers, special automobiles and construction structures. This steel is widely used in floor g313, prevent skidding applications and fast drain water applications.

The table is not applicable to a mill-edge steel sheet. This steel, which has high-strength qualities and good formability, is used in high-pressure gas containers, with less than a litres inner capacity, used for holding LPG, acetylene, and other high-pressure gases. The values in the table were test results for which standard test piece 25mm in diameter in conformity to JIS G Sec. But level of air pollution,fluctuation of climatic conditions and many other factors may cause some difference in the corrosion resistant effects even if the material is the same quality.

The values shown for the mechanical properties in the table below are for test pieces taken longitudinal to the rolling direction unless shown otherwise. Students Click Here Join Us! Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Register now while it’s still free! Please consult with us if formability is especially required.


In such case B50 is not used for guarantee. A Gr A, B, C: This steel is widely used in general fabrication purposes, drawing, general pipes, structural pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and cold rolled steel. Product Characteristics Published on 11 February Flatness shall, as a rule, be measured by placing a steel sheet on a flat surface plate uppermost surface on the convex side and the thickness of the steel sheet. Good formability and weldability 3.

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Tata Steel produces a range of high-strength low-alloy grades that combine both formability and strength for demanding applications. Connect with us We’re on Social Networks. Foe the steel plates excluding the cut-lengths from steel coils, standard widths of mm, mm and mm or over shall be applied. Another table shall be applied to steel sheet less than mm in width. Please consult with us on this nis. This table shall not be applied to the cut-length from steel coil. This table is not applicable for both ends of coils.

Bend test piece shall be JIS No. Analyst Contact Analyst Report. This steel, excellent in weldability and formability, is widely used in general pipes, structural pipes, and special pipes. For the width less than 40 mm, measuring shall be at the center of the width.

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Excellent atmospheric corrosion his and wear resistance. The value of flatness shall be determined as the difference between the maximum deviation of the uppermost surface on the convex side and the thickness of the steel sheet.

The value specified in the above table shall be applied to any length of mm, and in the case of the 3. Either plus or minus side of the thickness tolerance in the table may be limited on request. In case of the steel made by electric arc furnace, specified range of those elements, C, Mn, Cr, shall be c. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail.


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SPHT-1, 2, 3, 4. The value is not applicable to the unstable portion at both ends of coils. R Atmospheric corrosion resistant high-strength steel sheet The atmospheric corrosion resistant steel is a comparatively cheap structural steel, which has especially higher corrosion js to the exposure in the air than the other corrosion resistant steel and furthermore its weldability and formability are similar to those of the ordinary steel.

Content of Ni and Cu for each grade shall not exceed 0. This is a DaimlerChrysler North America standard for high stength steels. Atmospheric corrosion resistance and formability are also superior and weldability as well. Other equivalents include grade SMC 1. Carbon tool and spring steel are produced for jos special applications as saws and springs mis require workability and fatigue resistance.

The values in are by JIS No. Thanks to the most advanced hot strip mill, it has excellent dimensional accuracy and appearance with pretty checkered pattern and shape. Thickness tolerance shall be subject to JIS G Hot rolled mild steel plates, sheets and strip Corrosion resistant hot rolled steel sheet for forming, corrosion resistant hot rolled steel sheet with high flange-stretchability are also available.

This table is not applied to the sheet supplied after nis.

The value shall be the average of 3 repetitive tests Dimension tolerance: Minus side tolerance on thickness shall be 0. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

Analyst Contact Analyst Report.