Mangalorean Recipes. Kudla (Manglorean recipes) . I have already posted kori ghassi recipe before kori ghassi in a jiffy,but that was the short cut version,This. Mangalorean Style Ambe Upkari Recipe is a spicy, tangy – sweet curry made with ripe mangoes, along with some jaggery, and the addition of simple South. Mangalore Bajji, also known as Mysore Bonda or Gole Baje is a popular evening snack from the state of Published in Indian Street Food Recipes.

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Cow’s Milk — pros and cons Taco a Mexican Dish.

Welcome to Mangalorean Recipes. I also had to make something chocolatey to satisfy my own craving and something… Read More Yogurt Oats — Savoury Oatmeal Oats is one of my favourite breakfast options.

A customary side dish, in any function or festival in Konkani cuisine. Dear all, This is Walter’s daughter Poonam. Not sure how far you believe it but this saying has come true in my case. Friday, 12 May Create your account and post a Web Link of your own. Baking for kids is one of my favourite things to do during vacations.

Visit my page – Click on the Pic – Thanks so much for your feedback!! I also had to make something chocolatey to satisfy my own craving and something…. It is slightly bitter and pungent than Mangaloraen or Caraway seeds.

Ruchik Randhap – Food & Memories of Mangalore

Friday, 28 April Chicken Sukka A Mangalorean special chicken recipe, made using fresh chicken, host of masalas and grated fresh mzngalorean cooked to perfection. Now you can make this curry and enjoy it whenever you want to!!


This bolu huli has a typical coconut oil tempering with cumin seeds and hing.

Drumstick pods helps to build strong bones, it is very good for pregnant women also. Like most of you must have guessed, I rexipes in Mangalore on a long vacation — 7 whole weeks that just flew by but not without rejuvenating me and prepping me up to take on the challenges of another academic year.

Traditional Mangalorean Recipes

Tuesday, 14 February Manoli is a vegetable that belongs to the cucumber family, also popularly known as Indian Gherkins, Dondaikkai, Kovaikkai or even Ivy Gourd. Hi Shireen, Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. This seems so much like my grandma’s recipe. Mum used to buy two or three bottles at a time from a door to door salesman recipew homemade Oma Water.

The Gassi is a delicious dish from the Mangalore Cuisine, that is made with roasted coconut and chillies, and cooked along with tamarind giving this curry a tangy and rich taste and flavor. Sunday, 23 April Bunt Chicken Curry Manyalorean is a Mangalorean home recipe from the Bunt community, of a spicy chicken curry dish eaten with pulao.

Mangalorean Recipes

The lyrics can be written in spoken languages, but rscipes music can not be. Enter your search terms. Its pleasure to reading your blogs. Sardines, you can love them or hate them.

I have transitioned from the latter to the former over the years. So what are you waiting for?

I love it too and it always makes me feel good after tasting it! Smitha Kalluraya Monday, 13 March Saturday, 31 January This probably explains why my son detests fish and my daughter adores it,….

Mangalorean Prawn Curry Prawns cooked in coconut oil with a spicy tamarind gravy, Mangalorean style. However, my tastebuds got transformed drastically during my second pregnancy and I love sardines ever since.


Could adding a few spoons of coconut milk cover the bitter taste? Mangalore Buns Recipe is a sweet, fluffy puri made using the pulp of bananas kneaded into the puri dough. Call it fat loss or fad diet, I tried two different low cal diets between Nov and July and was pleased with the results. I came across it in my collection of Friday magazine recipe cuttings and I really wanted to try it out for its sheer simplicity. My mum made this for the family and we grew up eating this recieps along with fried fish or dried prawn chutney.

Udupi Style Mixed Vegetable Sambar Recipe is one recipe that uses authentic sambar powder to make mamgalorean rich lentil and vegetable based Indian gravy.

This curry has a lovely blend of different fragrant spices, which is quite unique to Mangalore’s cultural heritage. So glad to know that my post helped evoke so many precious memories!! Archana’s Kitchen Friday, 12 May This is a Mangalorean home recipe from the Bunt community, of a spicy chicken curry dish eaten with pulao. Alka Jena Friday, 15 September This website is best viewed with monitor resolution of x It is fairly easy to make, and requires very few ingredients that are easily found in the pantry.

Make this delicious Sambar for your next weekday lunch. I just went through my archives to see my last post for Bread Bakers – a lovely little baking group A host of memories and emotions have erupted seeing your recipe.