In the Pandorax System, on the death world of Pythos, an ancient secret that has laid buried for millennia has been unearthed Ignorant of this terror, troopers. 4 Nov Pandorax is the first novel from Christian Dunn, who is an editor for Black Library and has been around for a long, long time. He’s done some. Pandorax (Space Marine Battles) [CZ Dunn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The latest novel in the Space Marine Battles series In the.

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Shields rated it really liked it. Nov 10, Spencer Brydon rated it it was amazing. Damocles Space Marine Battles.

Review – Pandorax

High atop Atika, the desperate defenders had been able pandoras hold out long enough for an astropathic distress signal to be sent streaking through the Immaterium. We respect your email privacy. Atika was a small spire city with its main habitation zones located in the dome-like upper levels of the city, high above the pandoraax swamplands. Also, this is the only 40k novel I’ve read with a Jokaero, which are awesome.

Most of Pythos is covered in dense jungle, which is home to massive saurian creatures happy to eat anything pandorac moves. They tore into the covens of Chaos Sorcerers on the asteroid with righteous fury, inflicting dozens of casualties even before the Chaos forces knew what had hit them.

As they closed in upon the Damnation Cache, the Daemons and Chaos Space Marines were joined by shambling hordes of mutant zombies. They all seem to be Hollywood-style, in which two armies line up and attack each other until one side is wiped out.

Fortunately, everyone who knew that Shira is a saboteur and traitor dies shortly afterwards, so the author gets to keep her in the story.

Over the coming weeks and months, his fleet would fight in some of the largest space battles since the Gothic campaign. I gave it the rating for one reason only – all of these books pndorax there are many have the same basic theme — 1 bad guys attack, 2 good guys respond, 3 bad guys either WIN or are barely beaten off, ALL bad guys escape very rarely are any panndorax or captured.


In the wake of the bombardment, Thunderhawk Gunships and Drop Pods crashed onto the ravaged battlefield, disgorging the full strength of the Dark Angels Chapter, supported by the Grey Knights who had saved the Revenge. Spearheaded by the Dark Angels and Grey Knights, the forces of Chaos were driven ever further back until the Damnation Cache was almost in Imperial hands.

Now they’re facing their toughest test yet: Personal tools Log in Request account.

Only great heroics and terrible sacrifice prevented the base from being overrun in the first assault. Certainly worth checking out. Retrieved from ” http: A story with some truly bad-ass moments that feature Catachan jungle fighters doing what they do, inquisitorial conspiracy, Grey-Knights and Dark Angels doing what they do but you are willing to sieve through long moments of drawn out exposition to get to it, then this book is for you.

Leaving the boarding parties to deal with the Revenge, the Might of Huron went after the Stalwart, which was ill-suited to a close-range gun battle with the heavily armed Chaos craft.

Please give me my Lovecraftian Chaos back: Sort of prequel is ‘The Damnation of Pythos’? Because of this – even though many of the authors who write these Warhammer novels are very good writers – they have all become mundane – same ole same ole.

Alien Abduction The Alcantarans Book 1. The over-arching plot and the story around the watcher in the deeps my own obfuscating term for a plot point I do not plan on spoilingaren’t the strongest. Resurrectionby John French.

Practical. Proven. Reliable.

It robs their pansorax of a certain amount of tension since you know they are going to be okay by the end, alive and well. As much as I like the Red Corsairs, Huron could have been left out of the story.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. So we have four gargantuan forces striding the jungles of Pandorax. However, in the long run, this was a campaign Abaddon could not hope to win, as the material superiority of his adversary — and the willingness of the Imperium to accept stunning losses to break through to Pythos — slowly but surely eroded the strength of the Chaos fleet.

Review – Pandorax – Audio, Video, Disco

Perhaps in some sort of a sequel to Pandorax, which would be cool. Dunn, and The Horusian Wars: Which is why there are overly descriptive and personal sentences, abruptly disengaged by formal, distant prose.

Mirrors in ceramite So then, this book was a novel little novel. Two Imperial ships were lost, and the Chaos squadron escaped unharmed, disappearing amidst the dense asteroid belt just minutes after launching their attack. Back in my day, if you really wanted Titans and aircraft and tank companies on the battlefield, you played in 6mm epic-scale and actually had space on the tabletop to manoeuvre your troops.

Pandorax (Space Marine Battles): CZ Dunn: : Books

Hundreds of attack craft swirled and battled around the miles-long capital ships, pandoraax squadrons of escort vessels engaged in deadly close range gunnery battles. Preview — Pandorax by C. He was highly experienced, having fought numerous actions against Red Corsairs raiding fleets, though his background would offer little benefit against the overwhelming force of battle-scarred opposition he would encounter in the Pandorax System.

Padnorax person found this helpful. No, let’s talk about the member of Inquistor Dinault’s retinue. Customers who bought this item also bought.