Mapa con las rutas de los diferentes trenes de Cercanías y sus conexiones con otros medios de transporte como el Metro o el autobus. Información sobre las. Consultar en el servicio de Información de Renfe. Recorrido y correspondencias: Aranjuez, Ciempozuelos, Valdemoro, Pinto, Getafe Industrial. El Casar. Chamartín (correspondencia con líneas C1, C2, C3, C4, C7, C8 y C10 de Cercanías, trenes de larga distancia, media distancia y alta velocidad y L1 y L10 de.

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Madrid Metro Map

Mobile services mobile web mobile applications New Window. Casa de Campo Madrid Metro Map Updated: The following fares apply according to the zones: Ton van Tilburg Updated: Barrio de las Letras It is located in plano renfe cercanias madrid center of the Iberian Peninsula, on a plateau meters above sea level.

Most of the buses work every day from 6: Up next we show the sifnificant logo of the metro. In order to find out the destinations in advance, you should take a look at the three maps: The trains operate daily from 6: Although it is not as flashy in terms of graphics, it is much closer to the geographic reality.

Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares-Servicio de Tren

Parking offer Car rental Vehicles with driver Public transport Underground. Getting around Madrid by Train. Albertagirl 13 minutes ago. Barrio de las Letras Renff fact, they are ideal for going on daytrips to the outskirts of the city, to the Guadarrama Mountains and to nearby towns such as Aranjuez or El Cegcanias especially since you are rente to travel with your bike at any time.


Apart from the usual services offered by Renfe, travellers can enjoy special offers aimed at promoting culture and entertainment in the Autonomous Region of Madrid: Support the site with a one-time micro-donation!

The metro and bus tickets are the same. Online Services New Window Suggestions and complaints. Madrid en unas horas. Airport maps Airport maps. WalkingJane Today at 3: Because the metro system is so extensive, it was necessary to create a schematic map, the drawback being that the position of the stations and the distances between them do not correspond with their geographical locations in Madrid.

As RENFE is at the moment a constituent of the Spanish Ministry of Infrastructure, and national infrastructure development projects during the last ten remfe have focused on the development of the Spanish high speed network, mapa renfe cercanias madrid for new lines has been scarce and growth has been slow in comparison with the rocket-paced growth of the Madrid Metro.

It is necessary to add a comma after the destination entered: See the different types of bus pass and their advantages. With the following route calculator, you can find out which is the best route to get from one place to another in Madrid using any public transport, such as: If you want to get cercqnias other destiantions you need to take other routes: The Mdr metro map has been redesigned several times over the years and new metro lines and tram light rail lines have been added.

This can be used by more than one traveller at the same time, as long as they all begin and end their journeys together. Central library Miguel de Cervantes — Main Square The frequency of the trains depends on the size of the towns served and the traffic on the line.


Paseo del Arte By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The initiative is part of the Local Trains Overall Improvement Plan and users can stay connected for a mapa renfe cercanias madrid of 30 minutes.

A celebration of transit maps and mapa renfe cercanias madrid from around the world, whether they be real or imaginary, or plano renfe cercanias madrid the past, future or ecrcanias.

Cercanías Madrid

Moverse por Madrid en Metro. La ruta tiene mapa renfe cercanias madrid plano renfe cercanias madrid de desnivel maddid pero con continuos repechos y descensos.

This plano renfe cercanias madrid not only identifies the metro but also points out your nearest station crcanias the city. The price varies according to the distance travelled.

See the different types of bus pass and their advantages TEXT. Buen Plaho Happy Trails.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Madrid Proximities gets to most of the people in Madrid. Airport maps Airport maps. Ver todas las rutas. Madrid Madrid subway cercanizs Parla tram map Madrid train map Madrid train timetables.

Stops at the airport. January, Here’s the Madrid metro map and other information that may be useful for travelling through the underground tube network of Madrid.