Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 3M executive Gordon Shaw began looking for a more coherent and compelling way to present business plans. He found it in the form of strategic stories. Telling . 4 Nov Strategic plans need to provide cutting insights and expose new Bromiley P. Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

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A framework for the life cycle management of information technology projects: What critical issues stand as obstacles to success? Finally, I started writing out the actual story. Executives are in a better position to evaluate the plan critically, ask more penetrating and insightful questions, and offer more useful advice.

Strategic Stories: How 3M Is Rewriting Business Planning

Despite the skill or knowledge of their authors, these plans usually aren’t anything more than lists of “good things to do. Stories also play an important role in learning. They remember what they like or find interesting; they do not recall the whole.

The ultimate success of our plans depends on how effectively we inspire the people who make those plans happen. The conclusion requires a logical, strqtegic argument that is specific to the situation and leads to the desired outcomes. Bus operators want graphics that cover the windows yet still allow passengers to see out.

I think stories are not just sense-making or sense-giving, they are ontologizing forces. Develop a synergistic vision for traditional products.

Paper presented at the Networks, Quasi-Objects, and Identity: By painting a picture of the market, the competition, and the strategy needed to beat the competition, these narratives can fill in the spaces around the bullet points for those who will approve and those who will implement the strategy.

I can give you some idea of the strategic context in which Disney tells its strategic stories. When the researchers translated American history textbooks into this format, they found that students recalled up to three times more than they did after reading traditional textbooks.

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Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. – Semantic Scholar

However, in the end, lists present only an illusion of clarity—and it can be an expensive illusion. For on line, Introduction to Antenarrativeplease read this first http: Work shifts under these conditions can last from 10 to 16 hours.

Toward gow narrative view of strategic discourse. Effect of differing PowerPoint slide design on multiple-choice test scores for assessment of knowledge and retention in a theriogenology course. Cognitive scientist William Calvin describes how we gradually acquire the ability to formulate plans through the stories we hear in childhood.

Bullet points reign supreme!

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

Last but not least, new adhesives will make graphics easier to install. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. We will then be able to send it digitally anywhere in the world. What criteria would you use to decide if a particular story would be of use? What has been a hard-copy, analog, design-materials business will become a more fully global, digital, electronic-imaging and repository business.

The report discovered the average employees making Disney merchandise are teenage girls, usually around the age of To the strategic planner, consultants are offering this advice. The plan must tell us how the company can overcome obstacles and win.

Facing each across the “field”, the antagonists took aim and fired “verbal volley’s” at each other.

Bullets leave critical relationships unspecified. He realized that a bullet-style plan could not elicit, or reflect, the serious thinking he needed to do.

Telling stories was already a habit of mind at 3M. In every company we know, planning follows the standard format of the bullet rewritinv.

If you had a story to add to this list, who would you want to read it? This is something I am developing in the idea of “antenarrative” Boje,a, b.

Author information 1 3M, St. Brown and Bromiley draw a practical link between the basic principle of rewroting flow, set the stage, introduce dramatic conflict and reach a resolution, and the process of strategy formation and elucidation. Narrative Methods for Organizational and Communication Research. And without understanding the business assumptions, subordinates face just another list of objectives without any confidence that those goals can be reached—and without storiee essential sense of excitement.


The problem with the above agenda is that stories do not emerge fully-formed out of the heads of executives. Rather than cold bullet points in a SWOT matrix, they feel the excitement engendered in the challenges and opportunities because they better understand the context behind them. The 3M company is currently using stories as part of its business planning to generate excitement plannnig commitment.

In other cases, it will be coping with high costs in a commodity market. Hoechst, however, did not have the skills necessary to develop or market applications. Do any of these stories make you think of other stories you could contribute?

Indeed, sometimes we sit down to write believing we have a clear idea, but our difficulty in getting it down on paper exposes the flaws in our thinking. You can gather lots of stories without paying those focus group costs. Consider, as an example, our Global Fleet Graphics Division. Which stories do you like the best?

And a list can show only one of those relationships at a time. Administrative Science Quarterly, 36, The implementers of the strategy can feel the excitement surrounding their task and make more informed decisions on the ground.

David Barry remarks “In organizations, this power is often used to seduce, to lull dreamy employees into thinking they’re part of some great cause. In the Bruno Latour sense, stories real-ize changes, they are ontologizing.