2 Dec Stratellites (the term comes from combining the words stratosphere and satellite) are high-altitude, unmanned airships designed to operate. Apparently in Flat Earth theory satellites don’t exist but some thing called ” Stratellites” do. What are they? how do they remain air borne?. Stratellites were high-altitude unmanned airships that could operate in one place for years. Their main purpose was to receive and transmit from one place.

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You see that thing the Earth hasn’t got? Fewer stratellites were needed. Users of a Stratellite network would experience significantly reduced lag compared to low orbiting satellites and greatly improved latency for geostationary satellites.

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A single unit could then send broadbandmobile phone and digital television and radio signals to a large area. This made them faster. Inthe first hot-air balloon ride occurred. Please create a username to comment.

What is Stratellite? – Definition from

Search Networking How the right network automation tools can modernize your network In this roundup of networking blogs, industry experts examine network automation innovation, the partnership between networking The wireless network created by a single Stratellite will cover a roughly circular xtratellites area ofsquare miles. A Stratellite is a rigid framed airship that hovers in a fixed position in the lower stratosphere and carries one or more repeaters to create wireless communication networks.

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Though designed to land at frequent intervals for maintenance, a well-designed stratellite could stay in the stratellties for many months or even years without tending.

We expect that Sanswire’s technology will open up new and exciting doors for us. The proposed radius of the commercial version of the airship is feet.

Stratellites were cheaper to construct and maintain than transmission towers. Stratellites would also suffer less total wear as they fly above most damaging weather, and so despite their more xtratellites design may end up needing less total maintenance and repair over their operational lifetimes.

We are excited about the acquisition by GlobeTel. Combat mobile device security threats at home and abroad How can IT reduce smartphone viruses? The district court adopted a stratelljtes previously entered by a magistrate judge and ordered the following remedies:. How would a lighter-than-air aircraft move against the wind?

Tethered flights of a prototype Stratellite feet in length are scheduled for late August of in the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles. Stratellites is the term for the satellite conspiracy.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They could be used in an area ofsquare kilometers. Some horizontal etratellites had a dynamic buoyancy system on internal tsratellites bladders that were inflated and deflated for more stability.

With solar cells on top that powered the batteries, they could stay in the air longer.

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Midair refueling would require the taking off of thousands of planes there are a lot of satellites specially designed for the task.

Proponents claim a high-altitude communications platform, like the Stratellite, could strafellites terrestrial broadcast towers obsolete, reducing the cost and time required for hardware updates.

Stratellites are vehicles that operate in the stratosphere to provide communication, telemetry or other satellite capabilities while stationed over a country-sized area for as long as the vehicle can maintain its position and operational capabilities.

Stratellite – Wikipedia

This gravitation cushion is keeping them up, and magic is propelling them at enormous speeds Stratellites were high-altitude unmanned airships that could operate in one place for years. Please stratelites the RE Primer when you get a chance. The first practical passenger airship was design by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin in Some airship designs for construction and hotel use had a vertical configuration for more stability, especially since speed was not important.

The vacuum allowed the airships to lift higher than even the Hindenburg. Lighter materials like carbon fiber compositescarbon nanotubesand graphene increased efficiency and speed even further. The background section of this page uses most of the same words as Terra Futura’s page on vacuum airships to save time. We’ll send you an email containing your password.