Mecanica De Fluidos; Novena Edicion [Victor L. Streeter; E. Benjamin Wylie; Keith W. Bedford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. McGraw-Hill, – Mecánica de fluidos – pages Victor Lyle Streeter Snippet view – Bibliographic information. QR code for Mecánica de los fluidos. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Mecánica de fluidos / Victor L. Streeter, E. Benjamin Wylie | Traducción de: Fluid mechanics Incluye índice }.

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I t is useful in calculations of hydraulic jump, in design of hydraulic structures, and in ship design.

Due to the moving parts in a hydraulic machine, an extra parameter is required to ensure that t. The speed of sound in a liquid is written dw, if K is the bulk modulus of elasticity Secs.

By inspection, arrange the following groups into dimensionless parameters: The Mach number ‘is also of importance in axial-flo w compressors and gas turbines. The various corresponding pressure coefficients are the same. Discussion of a few cases will make this clear.

Tranquil flow occurs when the flow velocity is less than fi. This similitude requires a that there be exact geometric similitude, and b that the ratio of dynamic pressures at corresponding points be a constant. Find the dimensions of the quantities in Prob. Arrange the following groups into dimensionless parameters: Thc resistance to motion of a. To satisfy both requirements, model and prototype have to be the same size.

Streeter – Fluid Mechanics, 3rd

In terms of M, L, T, determine the dimensions of radians, angular velocity, pon. The difficulty is surmounted by using a small model and measuring the total drag on it when towed. The particular value depends upon the situation. Flyidos steady flow in a pipe viscous and inertial forces are the only ones of consequence; hence, when geometric similitude is observed, the same Reynolds number in model and prototype provides dynamic similitude.

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It is a measure of the ratio of inertial forces to elastic forces.

Geometric similitude extends to the actual surface roughness of model and prototype. Hence, for strict dynamic similitude, the Mach, Reynolds, Froude, and Weber numbers must be the same in both model and prototype.

It is the most important correlating parameter when velocities are near or above local sonic velocities. It is important at gas-liquid or liquid-liquid inter- faces and also where these interfaces are in contact with a boundary. Surface tension causes small capillary waves and droplet formation and has an effect on discharge of orifices and streeger at very small heads. Fortunately, in many situa- tions only two of the forces are of the same magnitude.

The skin friction is then computed for the model and subtracted from the total drag. The Froude number is unimportant, but the Reynolds number effects called scale eflects because it is impossible to maintain t. Part b may df be expressed as a kinematic similitude; i. This parameter must relate the throughflow discharge to the speed of moving parts.

Derive the unit of mass consistent with the units inches, minutes, tons. It may also be shown to be a measure of the ratio of kinetic energy of the flow to internal energy of tho fluid.


Mecánica de los fluidos – Victor L. Streeter, E. Benjamin Wylie – Google Books

Skin-friction studies should be based on equal Reynolds numbers in model and prototype, but wave resistance depends upon the Froude number. For geometrically similar machines if the vector diagrams of velocity entering or leaving the moving parts are similar, the units are homotogous; i.

For testing with fluids having the same kinematic viscosity in model and prototype, the product, V Dmust strester the same. The remainder is stepped up to prototype size by Froude’s law, and the prototype skin friction is computed and added to yield total Eesistance due to the water. Open-channel flow at depth y is rapid when the flow velocity is greater than the speed 6 of an elementary wave in quiet liquid. Frequently this requires very high velocities in small models.

They permit visual observation of the flow and make possible the obtaining of certain numerical data, e. Model studies of proposed hydraulic structures and machines are frequently undertaken as an aid to the designer.

If accurate quantitative data are to be obtained from a model study there must be dynamic ztreeter between model and prototype. In compressible flow, the Mach number is generally more significant than the Reynolds number.