Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English in HTML format for easy reference. Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Azim, popularly Tafsir ibn Kathir, is a classic. Islamic tafsir ( commentary of the Qur’an) by Ibn Kathir. It is considered to be a summary of the. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is one of the Most Comprehensive and Complete Explanation of The Noble Quran. Translated in to the English language for the First time in the.

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Surah – Al-Hashr The Gathering.

The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, heard the words directly from the Angel Gabriel Jibril in Arabic and these words were kadeer by Muhammad, peace be upon him, and then recited to his companions, who then memorized and passed on these same words to their followers and this has continued to this very day.

Surah – At-Taghabun Loss and Gain. Surah – Al-Ahzab The Confederates.

Tafseer Ibn Kathir (English, 114 Surah’s Complete)

Surah – At-Tin The Fig. Surah – Ghafir The Forgiver. Surah – Al-Muddaththir. Too many people today are telling us what the Quran of Allah is and what it means. Surah – Al-Hadid Iron. Surah – Al-Fil The Elephant. Surah – Al-Humazah The Slanderer.

Surah – Al-Anbiya. Surah – Al-Haqqah The Reality. You may translate this page or Tafsir of each Surah by using Bing Translator in many lanuages; Just right click on your mouse and Click to “translate with Bing”. The solution is to go back to the original source in the original language as understood by the people who first heard the Quran from the lips of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, along with his own definitions and explanations.

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Surah – Maryam Mary. Surah – Ad-Dukhan The Smoke. Surah – Al-Nour The Light. Surah – Al-‘Asr The Time. The first word Angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad, peace be upon him, was “Iqra”, which comes from the same root for Quran, and it was a command to “Recite!

This site presents the work of scholarly experts of Arabic, English, hadeeth and tafsir, together with the Guidance of Almighty God – the Explanation of God’s Words in simple English. Search Tafsir of Quran. Surah – An-Naml The Ants. Surah – Al-Inshiqaq. Username Password Remember me. Surah – Abasa He Frowned. Immediately we see the importance of going back to the most authentic and original source – the Quran in Arabic – to better understand the meanings. Surah – Yusuf Joseph. Surah – At-Tahrem The Banning.

Surah – An-Nissa The Women. Read and Go to a Verse explained in the Tafsir. The difficulty of translating Quran to English is quite another problem and not one to be taken lightly nor is it for the average translators to decide what is meant by the words of Almighty God. Surah – Al-Balad The City.

Someone who writes tafsir is a ‘mufassir Surah – Al-Tauba The Repentance. The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is of the most respected and accepted explanations for the Quran and is the most widely used explanations in Arabic used today. Search the Tafsir – [ English Transliteration ] of the Quran. Surah – Al-Kahf The Cave. Surah – Ash-Shams The Sun. Surah – Al-‘Ankabut The Spider.


Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir – Surah / Chapter Index Page

All too often we are hearing from both Muslims and Non-Muslims; ‘The Quran says this-or-that and the Quran means so-and-so’ without giving reference to their actual source for meaning and understanding. The good news is the Quran exists today in its entirety, exactly as it at the time of the prophet, peace be upon him. Surah – Al-Hajj The Pilgrimage. Surah – At-Tur The Mount. Surah – Az-Zariyat. Surah – Al-Mulk Dominion. Surah – Al-Jumu’ah Friday. Surah – Al-Qamar The Moon.

Surah – Al-Waqi’a The Event. Surah – Ibrahim Abraham. Surah – Al-Mutaffifin. Surah – As-Saff The Row. Surah – Al-A’raf The Heights. Ibn Kathir wrote a famous commentary on the Qur’an named Tafsir al-Qur’an al-‘Adhim which linked certain Hadithor sayings of Muhammad, and sayings of the sahaba to verses of the Qur’an, in explanation. Surah – As-Sajdah The Prostration. Surah – Al-Hujurat The Dwellings.

Surah – Ya-Sin Ya-Sin.