1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica makes his return to the basketball court ! There’s a reason teammates call him “True.” Because for basketball. 27 Feb True Legend By: MIke Lupica Major Characters: Drew “True” Robinson- Drew Robinson is a high school basketball superstar who plays for. 27 Sep Review. True Legend. by Mike Lupica. From the time he is old enough to hold a basketball and shoot hoops with older kids in his New York City.

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Drew and Lee get into a car accident while Drew is driving Mr.

The only cons I had with this book was it was surprisingly long and sometimes boring, but not often. That talent proves to be a gift and at times also a problem.

True Legend

One night he finds this man who looked homeless putting on a show on the court. Drew made the game winning pass to Drew for the win.

Drew’s personality was negatively affected by the continual media attention he received. This ghost who seemed as happy to have Morrison to himself as Drew always did.

Mar 16, Blain Alves added it.

LeBron Junior, some people even called Drew that, not because of the way he played or looked–he was half a foot shorter than the real LeBron–but because he’d made that kind of name for himself before he was even a junior in high school.

The man looks old school, but his moves are unlike anything Drew had seen before. Add a personal note: This continued in games when Drew did not pass at the last second or dive for a loose ball. The old man had been sitting high in the stands watching and Drew caught him shaking his head after Drew had not passed the ball, costing his team the game.


He was constantly being watched and looked out for by his friends, teachers, and Mr. Drew begins to see the consequences of his self-absorbed life: The setting in this book occurs in many places Drew talked to Mr. This book is good for people who play basketball in high school. Then off the dribble came the spin moves and shots, the guy working the leegnd, draining shots that would have been tue easy if there had been a three-point line on this old used-up court instead of just potholes and weeds.

There’d always been food on the table. Drew helped Legend get into his school, so he could get his high school diploma.

The man confirmed that he was the man that Drew had been researching. He had an amazing gift for the game of basketball. If you like this book, make sure you check out his others. May 20, Raymond Swopes rated it it was amazing. See all 5 questions about True Legend…. It was important because California was where his high school was where he could play basketball. His playing ability is comparable to nobody he has every faced or played with.

Because you can’t be perfect. Urban taught Drew the importance of the word team. He practiced late into the night, and one night, a mysterious man showed up to play some ball. Schliam Drew is compared to Lebron for how he plays basketball.


TRUE LEGEND by Mike Lupica | Kirkus Reviews

It was a very interesting book that really kept my attention while reading. What he’s met is a cautionary tale: Drew asked his coach and his coach told him to go talk to one of the former coaches at the school named Fred Holman.

In this age of street agents promising riches to kids barely out of elementary school and college programs being taken down because of recruiting lupixa, True Legend is a resonant and inspiring novel in the Lupica tradition.

It was a very good book to read as coming from someone who loves basketball. He was an excellent basketball player and wanted to grow up and be a pro.


He makes very good books about sports that are very fun and interesting to read. Drew Robinson seeks life-changing advice, things that really would change lfgend forever.

Lee also plays on Oakley’s basketball team with Drew as the shooting guard. But he could see just enough to tell he was a light-skinned brother–not as light as me, Drew thought–out here on the half-court that nobody ever used at Morrison Park, not during the day, certainly not at night, not when there was a lighted full court for you to use at Morrison. When he goes to talk to him, ‘Ghost’ runs away.