Buy Turba Philosophorum on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. The Turba Philosophorum, also known as Assembly of the Philosophers, is one of the oldest European alchemy texts. Among the treatises that have been published, the Turba Philosophorum occupies a Ruska’s edition of the Turba 4 has not yet been fully evaluated. Not one.

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It is not, of course, certain that the original is irretrievably lost, the Arabic and Syriac manuscripts treating of early chemistry are preserved in considerable numbers in the various libraries of Europe, and have only been imperfectly explored. Charlotte marked it as to-read Jun 04, My prayer was heard, He shewed me clean water, whereby I knew pure vinegar, and the more I did read books, the more was I illuminated.

Had they been created out of one element, they would have been agreeing natures.

Catalog Record: Alchemy the turba philosophorum; or, Assembly | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Name, therefore, Rubigo by its true name, for by this it is not calumniated. Take, therefore, Mardek and whiten the same with Gadenbe, that is, wine and vinegar, and Permanent Water. For if ye rule that which is hidden in the belly of sulphur with water, and cleanse well that which “Otherwise: This is that truth overcomes nature: Then moisten it with rainwater, then sprinkle with water of dew, and cook phklosophorum it be dried.

For there be very many who investigate these applications, and they find certain things, yet they cannot sustain the labours because they are diminished. When pphilosophorum shall per- ceive that the natures have become water by reason of the heat of the fire, and that they have been purified, and that the whole body of Magnesia is liquefied as water; then all things have been made vapour, and rightly, for then the vapour contains its own equal, wherefore the envioust call either vapour, because both are joined in decoctions, and one contains the other.


He ordered us to clear phulosophorum the darkness therefrom ; do thou, there- fore, tell us. Beyond the similarity of the name, and the fact that most names are mutilated in the Turba, there seems no reason to suppose that the compiler intended to connect Pythagoras with alchemical traditions through Aristeus, the sophist of the time of Antoninus.

Know ye also that gold is not turned into redness save by Permanent Water, because Nature rejoices in Nature.: Verily the earth is more inspissated than are the rest. Should your disciples pass over anything, it becomes you, O Master, to avoid omissions for the sake of future genera- tions.

But the other answereth: Then dismiss for forty days. All substances were recognised by the Egyptians as produced by lead alone, for it is from lead that the three other bodies are derived, i.

Understand, therefore, my words, for I will explain unto you the applications of this gum, and the arcanum existing therein. The Twenty -first Dictum. O Belus, why hast thou called it a potent arcanum, yet hast not shown its work?

Wash the Magnesia with soft water, and cook diligently, until it become earth, and the humour perish. Distinguish, therefore, when they divide the water. But if ye wish that the whole arcanum, which I have given you, be accomplished, wash the same with water, that is to say, the other part which I counselled you to preserve, until there appear philoosophorum crocus, and leave in its own vessel.

Turba Philosophorum

Prove it by reasoning and examining? Philosophorhm copper of which thou hast before spoken is not copper, nor is it the tin of the vulgar ; it is our true work or body which must be combined with the body of Magnesia, that it may be cooked and pounded without wearying until the stone is made.


However this may be, it appears that the stone Alabastron, either before or after the operation with vinegar, is the symbolical encephalous stone which is not a stone, the unknown philosophhorum which is known by all, the despised thing which is most precious, the thing given and not given by God.

Have ye not seen how thrice-great Hermes infused the red into the body, and it was changed into an invariable colour? Over these let us meditate very carefully. And know that the sublime creature before mentioned has no need of the light of this Sun, philosophorumm the Sun is beneath that creature, which is more subtle and more lucid.

Take lead, and, as the Philosophers have ordained, imbue, liquefy, and philoeophorum congeal, until a stone is produced; then rule the stone with gluten of gold and syrup of pomegranates until it be broken up.

The Turba Philosophorum : Arisleus :

Leave, therefore, manifold and superfluous things, and take D 34 The Turba Philosophorum. The two ascending elements are fire and air ; the two descending elements are earth and water. Then take the water which you had divided into two parts, of which one is for liquefying and cook- ing the body, but the second is for cleansing that which is already burnt, and its companion, which [two] are made one.