18 Jun En. title, UYUN AKHBAR AL-REZA: The Source of Traditions on Imam ʿUyūn akhbār al-Riḍā (a) (Arabic: عيون اخبار الرضا), also known as. On Imam Reza (s) or Uyun Akhbar Al-Reza – after the successful comple- tion of An Anthology Of Islamic Poetry Vol.1; Imam Reza’s Pilgrimage Pro- cedures And . ibn Musa (Imam) Al-Reza (s) say, “Everyone’s friend is his intellect and everyone’s enemy is his ignorance.” Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn.

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Al-Rida a Chapter thirty two: The man from Syria and his questions from the Commander of the Faithful a in the Kufa mosque Chapter twenty five: The death of Abu Ibrahim Musa b. The proofs for the divine leaders aand the rejection of the boasters and those who believe in God turning over the affairs, may God damn them Chapter forty seven: Praying for rain on the request of al-Ma’mun, display of the Honorable and the Exalted God’s power by fulfilling his request and the destruction of those who denied this Chapter forty two: Description This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Akhbae throughout the world in different xl with the aim of conveying the message of Islam to the people of the world.


Rare traditions about various issues Chapter twenty seven: Dispatched from the Uyyun in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Shadhan Chapter thirty five: What al-Ma’mun did to please al-Rida akhbqr I Can Pray Anywhere! The people of the ditch Chapter seventeen: Charles Le Gai Eaton. Musa al-Rida a Chapter sixty: Similar to al-Shaykh al-Saduq’s other books, some of the hadith mentioned have a complete chain of transmitters, and some are mursalor have only a few names known among the chain of transmitters.

Uyun Akhbar Al Reza : Sheikh Sadooq :

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Another tradition on the death of al-Rida a Chapter sixty three: We use cookies to give you akhvar best possible experience. The Accessible Conspectus Musa Furber.

What al-Rida a said on the subject of divine leadership to Yahya b.

rreza An elegy recited about al-Rida a Chapter sixty six: Faith that is recognition of paradise, verbal confession and physical action Chapter twenty three: Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Fifteen commentaries and many translations have been done on this book. Another session of al-Rida a and al-Ma’mun along with people from different nations and the rhetoricians, as well as Imam al-Rida’s s answers to Muhammad b. According to al-Shaykh al-Saduq in his introduction, When Sahib b. Biography and Hadiths of Imam al-Rida a. Before ‘ Uyun akhbar al-Rida a was written, a few other works on Imam uyjn a already existed:.


Uyun Akhbar al-Ridha

The Koran, in 3 Hours James Dean. A session of al-Rida’s a debate with prominent theologians from among the rhetoricians and the various religions Chapter thirteen: What al-Rida a told his brother Zayd b.

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Imam al-Kazim ‘s a clear appointment of Imam al-Rida a Chapter five: San’an Chapter thirty four: The reasons behind the decrees written in response to questions by Muhammad b. Musa a called al-Rida a Chapter two: The reasons for various things Chapter thirty three: The reasons why al-Rida a accepted the succession to the throne from al-Ma’mun, what went on, those who were displeased and those who were pleased Chapter forty one: